Browse our photo gallery to take a virtual tour of a real family’s Schneider Custom home. Each house we build is durable, functional and adaptable to your own personal design preferences. Our satisfied customers can attest to our high level of craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. We take pride in creating homes that are truly built for living.

Each photo in this gallery was taken at a real family’s home in South Lincoln, Nebraska. Unlike the picture-perfect stage homes you usually see in home advertising, this family has their clothes in the closet, towels in the bathroom and pictures on the wall. Get a real-life, up-close glimpse of what it’s like to live in a Schneider Custom Home.
See your family living here!

Can you see you and your family living here? Get in touch with Schneider Custom Homes today to begin building the home of your dreams. We’re experts at creating homes that meet your family’s style and functionality needs, and we guarantee to stay on time and on budget.


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